An Inconvenient Truth - 2-7-2023

A bet, and the woman worth losing everything for

When Carter Wright makes a bet at a charity event, he has every intention of winning.
So does his enemy, Devon Farkas.

Kaitlyn Marks grew up in the system. Unwilling and unable to be held back and sure she’s destined for more; she takes on a job others might not agree with. The job offers her a different kind of freedom than she’s ever known and there’s something satisfying about making money in a job where people judge her all wrong.

But when she meets Devon Farkas, strange things start happening.

When he tries to kidnap her, she finds herself saved by a pretty boy who’s almost old enough to be her dad. The guy’s charms can’t be denied, and she’s sure she owes him her life, even though he swears she owes him nothing. Judging by his clothing, she’s the first person he’s ever said that to. He thinks he’s fooling her, but joke’s on him. She sees him for exactly what he is.

Two wolves in sheep’s clothing are about to fall in love… but they might just tear one another apart.

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