Tickets For 2 - 11-14-2022

Sera won a trip for two, but before she could tell her boyfriend, he dumps her for her mom.

Oof. Sera knows it’s not her mom’s fault. Her boyfriend took advantage of a delicate situation, and she’s done. Thank you, next. But there’s still the matter of the trip for two she won – she doesn’t want to waste the visit to the little town that goes overboard for Christmas and fills with white horses, snow, decorations, and Christmas music.

So she calls a guy she used to have a crush on.

Sera doesn’t expect him to answer, much less remember her. But he does, and she asks him if he’ll join her. To her amazement, he agrees.

She knows he’s falling head over heels for her, but Sera isn’t sure she’s ready to love again. After all, she’s just been betrayed in the worst possible way and had her heart broken

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